Are we GDPR compliant?

Your Tattoo Soft has made every effort to manage and protect its customers’ data in the manner described in the GDPR. We have done our utmost to comply with all AVG laws and regulations. If you are of the opinion that we have missed something, we would of course like to hear about it and we will adjust it immediately.


Who can see my personal data?

Your Tattoo Soft tries to store as little personal data as possible. We have only registered the necessary contact information of contact persons in our systems. Personal data of contacts is never shared with third parties.


Can I view, adjust and/or delete my personal data?

Yes you can! If you want to export all data that we have stored or have modified or deleted this data, please contact us by email ( We will then send a file with all your data to the e-mail registered with us within 72 hours (on working days). 

Please be informed if you are a Tattoo client , from a studio that is using the Your Tattoos Soft Software that you should contact , your tattoo studio to delete your data.  We are Not in any way responsible how the Studio’s using our software nor manage their data and regulations on the GDPR rules,  We can only asure that we made our system according to regulations.


And who can view my data?

With regard to the systems and software that we develop and/or manage, the starting point is not to work with (real) personal data. If necessary, we work with anonymized live data. All our employees have a duty of confidentiality and Your Tattoo Soft enters into a processing agreement at all times. Any access to live environments is only limited to the persons who need access, all data required for this is (encrypted) stored in a password manager.


Has Your Tattoo Soft adapted a Privacy Statement to the AVG (GDPR)?

Yes we have! This also states, among other things, how we handle cookies and what they are used for.

General Data Protection Regulation and Your Tattoo Soft,

We from Your Tattoo Soft are well aware , of the data needs of the European / worlwide tattooshops and the conflicts it brings  with the GDPR Law, Thats why wanted to be the first software to meet all client needs and also be the first Tattoo Shop software who can provide you with this safety net, How do we do this, By encrypting all our data in a specific way, and making use of a Two Factor authentication system, with the use of a Certifitied datacenter, see below some more information about the datacenters where we store your information.


Is my Data save ?

We are working with a datacenter located in The Netherlands, called CJ2,

wich is CJ2 is ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified. So your data is extra well protected against intruders.


 Below a word from Cj2, Source


Optimally connected 

CJ2 has a fully redundant core network at 10Gbit/s. Routers and switches are duplicated and physically separated from each other. 

The network is also connected to the world via various physically separated national fiber optic networks. This means that the network is not dependent on a single supplier. Because we only work with premium brands such as Brocade and HP Procurve, we guarantee maximum availability and minimum downtime.

Routing platform 

The total of 11 routers exchange external and internal network information by means of iBGP and OSPF respectively. The most important routers take over each other’s functions with the help of VRRP in the event of a disaster or maintenance. The colocation network is linked to the routers via a 2-layer switch network. Rackspace customers are connected directly to the routers without going through switches. 

Switching platform

Our switching network is built in two layers, with each top or rack switch connected to two core switches. All switches and routers are redundantly coupled. Between rack switch and router there are always at least 2 paths that are selected by means of spanning tree (MSTP). 


See below a graphical overview of our network: